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Barn's burnt down

Now I can see the moon

32 years in practice.

Private, personalized care in a peaceful, relaxed setting

Let's Talk Colleen and John, who offer acupuncture at a medical clinic in Chico, CA called the Acupuncture Center of Chico

Your time with us is the beginning of an ongoing conversation about your individual health issues and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help. We include a half-hour private consultation before every treatment to make sure your session is tailored to your unique situation. We take time to listen to you and make sure all your questions are answered. We can help you with individualized treatment plans incorporating acupuncture, medical herbology, dietary advice and stress management. By the time you lie down in a private room with soothing music or a guided visualization CD you will already be on your way to better balance and relief.

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine offer for you?

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