Chinese herb closet at acupuncture medical clinic in Chico, California

About Chinese Herbs

John Struthers spent years apprenticing with several Acupuncturists known for their extensive Chinese herb formula knowledge including Shirley Chang, Ken Smith and Ken Pang. He held informal study groups for students at Five Branches University teaching them what he knew about herb formulas to augment their formal studies.

When using medicinal herbs, the most important thing in order to get the desired results is for people to actually be able to take them! We have herb formulas in all forms including tinctures, capsules, pills and tablets. We also make personal herb formulas for each individual patient, when appropriate. Determining the right herbal formula for you requires a thorough Traditional Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis which is something we take pride in providing and one of the reasons we emphasize spending 20–30 minutes prior to each treatment to do an in-depth consultation including pulse and tongue diagnosis. The better we know you, your constitutional type and the unique circumstances in your life, the better equipped we are to properly prescribe herbs and supplements.

For decades we kept a raw herb pharmacy in stock in our office which necessitated constant renewal of the individual herbs to ensure top potency. These loose herb formulas were then taken home to be made into a decoction by boiling them for an hour creating a strong medicinal herb tea.

Chinese herbsWe've recently shifted how we provide customized herb formulas by providing them in a powdered form which doesn't require boiling, making them both more convenient and more palatable. These powdered formulas can be put into capsules or dissolved in warm water. To ensure top potency, which is absolutely necessary with medicinal herbs, we do not stock the herb powders as they lose potency quite rapidly. Instead, we custom order the personal herb formulas we create so you get the freshest herbs with the greatest potency available for superior results.

All of the herbs we use, no matter in what form, are GMP certified. We only use GMP certified herbs and herb formulas so we are positive they are not adulterated in any way and have no contaminants of any kind including pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, fungus or bacteria. These herbs are tested for purity so you know they are always safe.

GMP certification safeguards consumers by ensuring that food and drug products are manufactured by professionals in the safest manner possible. GMP certification regulates a business by reviewing personnel qualifications, creation validation, equipment verification and product handling, according to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. A company must comply with regulations established by the FDA to qualify and maintain its GMP certification.

And, because Chinese herb formulas are prescribed for your specific body type as well as for individual symptoms, side-effects are rare.

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