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Colleen and John, who offer acupuncture at a medical clinic in Chico, CA

John Struthers and Colleen DeLaney are married – to each other! John began developing what would become the Acupuncture Center of Chico in 1987, and Colleen joined him full-time when she graduated in 1990. They have been married since 1987.

John and Colleen each have backgrounds in western medicine, and advocate a complementary balance between the western and eastern approaches. They believe that all healing systems, from traditional to modern, have something valuable to offer.

Acupuncturists are Primary Care Physicians in the state of California, meaning you do not need a doctor's referral to see us. We can order blood or laboratory tests for you, refer you to appropriate western practitioners when indicated, and speak knowledgeably with your allopathic practitioner to enhance your health care.

John Struthers

John StruthersJohn, along with his personal friends Ron Zaidman and Charles Belyea, was involved in the creation of Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA. He was in the first class of the University while Ron and Charles became known as the Founders who ran the school while John completed the course work. After graduation and becoming licensed to practice Acupuncture, John then became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Academic Director of Five Branches University for nearly six years. He helped create the curriculum for each course for the entire four years of academic classes required to graduate and was the liaison between students and the administration as well as performing the same role with faculty members. He was also responsible for creating the University's library. John taught several courses at the University. In the western science division, he taught Anatomy and Physiology, Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry. In the TCM division he taught Chinese Medical Theory, Acupuncture Point Location and the Full Review course which prepared students to take the State Board Licensing Examination. He also created the "two-year examination" and the "final four-year examination." After stepping down from his positions at Five Branches University, he remained involved by being on the first Board of Directors.

John has been treating patients in private practice in Chico for 26 years.

Colleen DeLaney

Colleen DeLaneyColleen worked as an X-ray tech for 15 years, mostly in hospital settings on nights and weekends to support herself through school. This background has given her profound respect for what western medicine does best, as well as even deeper appreciation for when the gentler balancing methods of Chinese Medicine can help restore your health and relieve pain without drugs or surgery. She is also happy to help translate sometimes confusing information from your western practitioners.

Colleen earned her Bachelor's degree at the University of California at Riverside, graduating with highest honors and Phi Beta Kappa in 1981. After a one year detour through law school she returned to what she loves best -- healthcare. Colleen taught X-ray technology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA, which is how she was sent out to teach an introductory course in Radiology at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, where she realized her future profession and met her future husband and partner, all in one afternoon!

Colleen graduated Five Branches in 1990, earning the first Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine bestowed there. While there she studied and became certified in Hypnotherapy with Adam Burke, now with the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University and author of Self-Hypnosis: New Tools for Deep and Lasting Transformation.

While Colleen no longer provides lengthy individualized hypnotherapy sessions, she has incorporated many of Adam's principles into her daily practice, and has professionally recorded several hypnotherapy/visualization CD's you can purchase or listen to during your treatment. Colleen has always been fascinated by the body/mind connection and maintains a dedicated meditation practice. She is happy to help you learn a self-hypnosis or meditation technique that works for you.

Colleen also writes online Continuing Education Courses that Acupuncturists around the country are required to take for their license renewal at Health

"The relationships and friendships with my patients that have developed over my 23 years of practice are very precious to me. I'm now treating grown-ups who used to come in with their mothers and fathers as little children! I look forward to creating many more new connections in the future with you and your family."

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