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Download Forms

Clinic Forms in PDF Format

In order to save you time we have provided you access to some important forms so that you may download, review, and complete all three of these prior to your first visit with us.

1) Acupuncture Consent Form: Please read this information carefully and ask your practitioner if there is anything you do not understand. Download PDF Consent Form

2) Health History Form: Your answers on this form will help your practitioner understand your medical concerns and conditions better. Download PDF Health History Form 

3) Health Information Privacy Act (HIPAA) Form: This notice describes our office's policy for how medical information about you may be used and disclosed, how you can get access to this information, and how your privacy is being protected. Download PDF HIPAA Forms

Tips For Your First Treatment:

Please bring your Acupuncture Consent, Health History, and HIPAA forms with you to your first appointment.
Please bring or wear loose clothing (shorts, skirt, sweat pants, T-shirt) to each appointment.
Please eat a light meal or snack before your appointment; an empty stomach may cause dizziness.
Please take it easy if possible after a treatment. Normal activities are fine, but do not plan on working out or using a sauna or hot tub for at least 2 hours afterwards.
Please bring all your questions and concerns for us. We look forward to meeting you!

What to Expect at Your First Treatment:

Your first visit will take about an hour and will include a consultation and acupuncture treatment. We will discuss your history and any concerns you have prior to your treatment. We will formulate a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, a treatment plan, and give you a few suggestions regarding your condition. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

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