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Other Services

Your time with us is the beginning of an ongoing conversation about your individual health issues and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help. We include a half-hour private consultation before every treatment to make sure your session is tailored to your unique situation. We take time to listen to you and make sure all your questions are answered. We can help you with individualized treatment plans incorporating acupuncture, medical herbology, dietary advice and stress management. By the time you lie down in a private room with soothing music or a guided visualization CD you will already be on your way to better balance and relief.

Women's Health

We can order blood tests through Quest Diagnostics and saliva testing through Aeron LifeCycle to determine your hormone levels. Saliva tests are sent through the mail to your home and you'll also receive results in the mail. We work with Bezwecken products which provides safe and natural bio-identical hormones (available through licensed practitioners only) along with Chinese herbs to help you with hormonal balance for PMS, peri-menopause, menopausal symptoms and interstitial cystitis.

"I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Colleen DeLaney for over 15 years. She does an outstanding job of evaluating my patients and selecting a successful treatment plan."
– Gregory L. Davis, M.D., Ob/Gyn

Herbal Consultation

Not interested in Acupuncture? We can sit down and do the same thorough diagnosis and set you up with an herb and supplement program.

Dietary Consultation

While Acupuncture by itself will not cause significant weight loss, we can nonetheless work with you to enhance your diet and exercise program. We can also consult with you regarding what diet is best for your personal constitutional type and specific health issue.

Western Medicine Interface

Because of our backgrounds in western medicine we can often help you make sense of laboratory, X-ray, scans and other diagnostic tests, as well as work with your doctor to help you reduce your need for western medications under medical supervision. As primary care physicians we can also access your X-Rays and scans (with your permission) online through North Valley Advanced Imaging.

Stress Reduction

Stress hormones have a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit, and your emotional well-being and balance is essential to your overall health. We have many patients who seek treatment for stress and stress-related symptoms.

We are happy to help you find stress-management techniques that work for you, from Qi Gong to meditation to self-hypnosis to exercise.

Relaxation CDs

Those who know Colleen know how calm and soothing her voice is. Trained and certified as a hypnotherapist, Colleen has professionally recorded a series of therapeutic CDs in her voice with background music. These CDs are available for purchase and can be played for you by request during your treatment.

Relax and Let Go CD cover Your Inner Healer CD

The Create Change Series includes:

1) Relax and Let Go to help you with basic relaxation techniques.
2) Your Inner Healer to help you call on your own innate healer energy and focus it on symptoms or issues.
3) Stop Smoking to help you visualize and embrace your new life as a non-smoker. This CD is included when you sign up for the Smoking Cessation series.
4) Release Allergies is based on the body/mind principle that allergies are a "mistake" on the part of the immune system. You can retrain your inner intelligence to react peacefully to harmless substances like pollen, grasses, or pets.
5) Lose Weight to incorporate mind/body principles into your weight loss plan.
6) Prepare For Surgery so you can have the best outcome possible with minimal side effects.

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